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Some doodle of Arika Takarano!

ali project sc

Almost 3 months without post here. I'm a lazy person to update blogs, sorry!

But at least, I have some news! Tomorrow I will start a job in a new company, and thank you Gods, it's design-related for real, in the first time of my life! I'm very excited about it, besides of my autumn/winter depression.

I'm still trying to figure out the ideal balance with work / illustration / dance / personal life, but sometimes gets complicated make a good decision about it without ended up tired. And because of that, I came back to one of my informal hobbies: Lolita. And I found this cute video about how to be alone at the Lolita Forum:

And I realize that I miss so much be alone, in a good way and make things for myself. Maybe it's time to make this simple things again.

Oh, I also take part in projects of Laminate Media. Check it out my profile and the Love For Japan Project.


Ichigo, Soreinu, Novala, Lolita


Quick update with the Ichigo's sketch. She ask me a drawing of her in a so happy way, so I decided to start today. Maybe at night I'll ink it.

Chack it out her blog, she's one of passionate brazilian lolitas who spend their free time make translations and post about lolita style related.

In one of this posts, I find one of my favorite texts of Takemoto Novala it's been a long time since I read for the first time, and every time that I read it again, this lines always make me smile.

English Version ~ Portuguese Version ~ Takemoto Novala Official Site


Once Upon a Time: Ana's Piercing

As usual Ana Duarte aka @acaduarte on twitter, it's always making my day on Gtalk, saying silly things that I always want to draw, like this one.


For those who doesn't speak portuguese it's something like: "My body piercing is modest and looks like me! The more noticiable thing in that is the capability of been unoticiable"

Take care folks!




I don't like writing some personal stuff here. But recently, I feel that I need to do this. Because sometimes gets really complicated to think about important things when I'm too busy worried abot work, classes and shows.
I'm very glad to have friends that, no matter what or if their lifes are overwhelming in the moment, they always have at least a 5-minutes-break to say a couple words and at least for me, this is friendship and counts a lot for me.

So, last saturday I decided to make some kind of list about in a space of seven years, what changes in my life.
I'm a very skeptical person, and I feel surprised when I realized how things changed, in a manner that I couldn't expect.
I lose few things ang gain a lot. But I still regret of things that gone away. It's not just like "things that build my character and personality" or "I can't stand to lose, I must have to win always".
It's more like unresolved issues and became afraid of everyone and everything. When you feel the urge to try new things but at the same time you still holding back.

Nowadays, I don't wanna change the past, but I feel the necessity of build something with the bad trash of past. In the end, I guess that I believe more in the eroguro aesthetic that I want to admit to myself. I like the idea ob making something beautiful emerging from bruises, tears and grief.

~End of lame post~

Although several comments of being a outrageous dancer (to say in a soft way) and because of my naughty behaivior all doors in the entreteriment/dance market will be closed for me forever, nothing will take away from me the joy of doing this chinese piece.




Hide and Seek


Hi! First post of 2011. How have you been?

Today I'm finally ship it to Art House my entry for the Sketchbook Project 2011. In several moments last year I was thinking about giving up, but I didn't. I don't have pretty sure if it's good at all, but I feel quite happy for don't give up, even my insatisfaction with overall work. It was a good theme, but honestly, I'm not in my better days to create things.

For those who don't see it yet, follow the link.

I'm not in a writing mood now, but soon I'll post more updates about upcoming shows on this month.