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I'm with a headache bad as hell now.

Long time without any updates here. In the last month, I think that things will flow in a different mood. Well, I was wrong. It's difficult to me now have to slow down because of troubles to get some formal work.
This country are cruel in the most of time for people that want work with art, and don't have certain kinds of networking.

But I'm still trying don't sell my entire soul yet.

My work progress of a recent project. I'll post it soon at Deviantart!

I also moved my Online Portfolio to a new place, so please, check it out!




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Yes Freelancer, keep moving!
i think that is a great work of yours, you spent some hard times to terminate this and this is very good because show that you improve your patience.
well that is all
  • posted by Luiz Henrique 
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  • 2009.02/06 03:52分 
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oh, it´s cool to check out the entire procedure. 8) but I guess... I rather like the last picture of the second line than the actually last one. :x just because it looks "cleaner", and that suits much more my own taste. ;p
keep it up! <3
  • posted by rika 
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  • 2009.03/05 06:20分 
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