Some updates and works

This weekend was very awsome for me!

I received two wonderful news. The first are about my budget of a tatoo commisson for a guy of Portugal has been accepted and soon I'll start working on it. And the second one about my works been accepted at Hangar A4, an online magazine for showcasing art, design, illustration and photography of latinoamerica. It's the first time that I'll see my works in some publication, except in the doujinshi and underground publications that I've colaborated.

Today is Jade El Jabel's birthday, an amazing teacher of belly dance that always be there when I need and giving me support in my carrear as a teacher and performing artist.
Thank you so much for the opportunity that you gave me of yesterday been in your workshop, in those hard time that'll gonna end soon.

More doodles for Le Café


Ladies and gentleman, have a nice week




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