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Hi folks!

I hope that everyone had a fresh start and spend great time on the end of year.

I'm currerntly busy with my usual arubaito searching, new projects involving dance and I need to start studying for UNESP exam, in September "(+_+)/ this time is for real, I swear!

So, this is my fashion concept for my solo project for tsugaru shamisen. I don't wanna think now how much money I'll spent on this stage costume. I'm trying to work with more cheaper things, like this red fabric. I'm waiting the black one for the store.


Some details of my sketche. BTW, any kind soul knows where I'm gonna find decents kanzashi in São Paulo? Anyone? D:

Hugs and Kisses,



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Ameeei!!! E depois coloca as fotos da roupa pronta hein!!
E eu nao sabia que vc tava fazendo xilo!!!! Que maximo!!! Ja pode até vir até pra terrinha agora =P
Ficou lindo! Parabens!!!
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Não sabia que você tem um blog!! Bom, eu também tenho! Já vou te perseguir! Seus desenhos são lindos demais!! E muito criativos! Vc é muito talentosa! Parabéns.


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