I usually lazy or too busy/crazy with something and ended up forgetting this blog, I'm sorry!

Some news about three last months: I got a new job near my house, in a small magazine. Pretty place with nice people in there. I'm also dancing every thursday night in a sort of arab tea house/ restaurant.

Maybe next month I come back to my regular belly dance classes with another teacher. But my priority right now is come back to ballet.

I also change my goals again. It's not fresh news, but I'm always modifying something on my priority list! LOL No college for a while, since my work and dance take the most part of my time. Maybe next year I can begin some illustration related course, but nowadays I'm more focused in studying various things, that I like and for some weird reason I stop it, like japanese.

Some snapshot of a recent drawing because I'm without scanner, since I finally bought a new computer with windows 7 and, I've been experimenting some compatibility issues with them.

Off topic: The CSS code of FC2 is driving me crazy, crashing and ruining the entire layout, make me want scream like a madman! (◎_◎) If anyone wih a gentle heart and a noble soul wants to help me, please be my guest!




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