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Hi guys!

I've been a little busy last month. Finally I started my ballet classes and I'm very happy and proudy of it. Even if I'm like, 10 years later to be something like the first ballerina of any big company, I'm still interessed in how I can improve my technique, see the changes in my body and how this will affect my entire work, since now that I'm more concerned about it, to how the dance affects my illustration and vice versa. Sure that I could be avoinding some bumps in my own way if in my early days I have noticed how I need these two kind of expressions for express myself and maiteining my inner balance and peace of mind to live my days.

I'm trying make some experiments, discover new things about digital painting. Well, this is my first try in painting without any further pencil sketche. The leaves and grass don't please me too much yet, but the sky ended up higher than my expectations. Honestly, I like more the trees with nude branches. Was a really fun exercise! I need do more things like that, without the expectation of open my PS and take my tablet pen and make the masterpice of the century.




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