Shopping Service Arrived!


Good Night, everybody!

Starting today, I don't will make any updates for a while. My Sketchbook from Art House finally arrived, and I have a urge to finish this on time, I don't wanna miss the deadline! My theme is Coffee and Cigarretes, and I really expect that project brings me back the joy of drawing. Also I had two shows in the past two weeks, this picture was taken at NOAH's Central. Me and my HUGE necklace it's a gift from my mother. How strange is come back to my old job place, not for been a Hostess, but for dance, and meet my ex co-workers. Strange and plesant, since they don't recognize me at the first glance, because of my recent red dyed hair.

I became addictd to take pics of everything bought in Japan! Srsly man, the japanese packaging are the best of world! Huge thanks to my senpai, Rika-chan who always make my shopping services.


It's from furoshiki.com I highly recommended if you are these kind of person worried with the world and hate plastic bags, or if you are like me, crazy about old school things like that.


My furoshiki! Inside the package came a little paper with instructions for how to fold your furoshiki in english, if you are not familiarized with it.

And now the fucking sketchbook!


My only complaining about it was the name thing. The Art House staff registered Rika's name on the sketchbook instead of mine. Now I have to send them a letter together with my sketchbook asking for fix it. It's a minor issue, yes. They fix it? Yes, according with their rules of agreement. But I'm a VERY anxious person, and I almost freak out with it!


The library card it's soo cute, and I received it very well packaged and protect. I'm very excited and anxious with this project, and now let's wait for see it at the 2011 tour! =D

Now I'm listening Legend of Blood from AUTO-MOD. If you are into Gothic / Deathrock / Darkwave thing, give this guys a try!

Some partial live with Selia at Tokyo Dark Castle

XOXO for my delicious!



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