I don't like writing some personal stuff here. But recently, I feel that I need to do this. Because sometimes gets really complicated to think about important things when I'm too busy worried abot work, classes and shows.
I'm very glad to have friends that, no matter what or if their lifes are overwhelming in the moment, they always have at least a 5-minutes-break to say a couple words and at least for me, this is friendship and counts a lot for me.

So, last saturday I decided to make some kind of list about in a space of seven years, what changes in my life.
I'm a very skeptical person, and I feel surprised when I realized how things changed, in a manner that I couldn't expect.
I lose few things ang gain a lot. But I still regret of things that gone away. It's not just like "things that build my character and personality" or "I can't stand to lose, I must have to win always".
It's more like unresolved issues and became afraid of everyone and everything. When you feel the urge to try new things but at the same time you still holding back.

Nowadays, I don't wanna change the past, but I feel the necessity of build something with the bad trash of past. In the end, I guess that I believe more in the eroguro aesthetic that I want to admit to myself. I like the idea ob making something beautiful emerging from bruises, tears and grief.

~End of lame post~

Although several comments of being a outrageous dancer (to say in a soft way) and because of my naughty behaivior all doors in the entreteriment/dance market will be closed for me forever, nothing will take away from me the joy of doing this chinese piece.





one of the most important things that I've learned on my short life time, is that friends are like diamonds when they're true. No matter how wounded I am, as long as I have friends, everything's fine. We can't go any further than the floor, and it is true. We're human beings and that makes us all beautiful, like someone that I really love sings in a song: "we're the song inside the tune full of beautiful mistakes". The other thing that I realized is that I used to give too much value to my past and the scars that I get along the way, but, in the end, I have to be worried about my right now time. Then I have to quote that artist once more: "so long my little dreamer, I will miss your face, we'll always stay connected through time and space, and everything we hoped that could never be will live inside of us for eternity". How true is this? We have to say goodbye to our past and let our future in! Say goodbye to the pain of yesterday, lift your head high and stay strong, because in the end everything will work out fine. It's no longer a Viva Forever tune that I'm singing inside, is a Little Dreamer tune, because the past is there to help me out on the future. I love you, baby, and believe me when I say: everything is gonna be alright, if it's not alright is because it hasn't ended yet.
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