Now I got the power!

My friend bring me a scanner yesterday, and now, finally, I can finish my works and post her more times.

Quick sketche for a old comission about a ribbon wrapped angel. The first version was more childish that this one. After some sketches I decide redraw it, and change ribbons to a something shibari rope like.


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I have to say.... it reminds me of Nieli =)
liked it!
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  • 2008.10/19 15:43分 
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OMG IS PRON!! ahuehue
muitooo to to foda! adorei!
shibari? o que é?!
Super Leiga mode ON!
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  • 2008.10/20 08:30分 
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Olha só, ela ta atualizando mesmo, to gostando de ver =DD
Quero ver esse desenho pronto

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Sempre as ordens minha cara o/ .
Sério que a primeira ver. ficou infantil ? Hum quero ver ela depois hein amor ^^ .
Bom quero ver mais trabalhos seus aqui te cuida minha querida ,um grande abraços e varios bjs lol .
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  • 2008.10/22 17:37分 
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