Feather Fan Tutorial

Hello! Due to some people asking me how I made my feather fan, I made a simple tutorial to explain it. Please notice, this is my way of doing it, but of course, there are others types of fans.
So, let’s begin!
Warning: Long post and lots of snapshots.


*hot glue pistol

*long feathers with the color of your choice. Here in Brazil, this one is called “espigão”. The price will differ depending on the feather’s quality.

*This one is optional: feathers points

*Small feathers. It’s better if you can find all feathers in same color, but I don’t have this lucky. Because of Carnival, the store was out of feathers in October!

*Fan. Two, of course. I choose wooden fans because I’m not so delicated with acessories on stage and I always ended up broken my plastic fans. Except the Tai Chi / Kung Fu ones. But I strongly recommend that you didn’t use martial fan. You’re gonna regret about the fan weight later :F

*mirrors. They come together like this, so you have to split it up before use it.

*pencil, stylet and scissors

*cardboard. Two.

*hot glue pistol refil

*chopping board

How to do:

First you need prepare some things before your start the fan. This fan will remain open forever, so, you need to trace the shape of your open fan on cardboard. Make 4 of them. This shapes will help your fan be more rigid. Also, I suggest that you work in a large table, with no distractions and a nice music on background :D

So, you have to choose feathers, and you need to pay attention on two details.
1) Every feather have a specific inclination, sou, you must respect that.

2) If your are using cheaper feathers, reserve the good ones, with nice points.

Let’s begin! :~

I’m working with axis, like that: 5 feathers arranged around the fan to make that half-moon shape. Don’t glue the feathers so close to the end of fan. You need a huge one, to cover your torso, at least. It’s normal you find some stubborn feather that don’t wanna stay glued.

Now you turn the fan back and fill the empty spaces of axis. Please notice here that I’m respecting the feather’s direction.

Take now your shapes of cardboard and glue it on both sides. This keep your fan rigid and prevent hurting your hands while you are performing with them.

Take the other feathers and continue filling the spaces on both sides. Now you can cut the final of your feathers on the chopping board with anything sharpen. You don’t need long stems now.

And now it’s time of our little feathers. Cover all the extension of fan, both sides. Don’t need to be very systematic here, the beauty lies on random feathers.

Pay attention to hide the wood on the end of fan.

They have to look like this:

So, now the mirrors! Remember what I say previous about systematic? Here applies the same principle. I use mirrors in both sides. It’s my personal opinion, but it’s up to you do whenever you want! =)

And Tadáááá!!! It’s done! 8 hours of work splited in two days.

So, that’s it! I hope that you enjoy it!




Shopping Service Arrived!


Good Night, everybody!

Starting today, I don't will make any updates for a while. My Sketchbook from Art House finally arrived, and I have a urge to finish this on time, I don't wanna miss the deadline! My theme is Coffee and Cigarretes, and I really expect that project brings me back the joy of drawing. Also I had two shows in the past two weeks, this picture was taken at NOAH's Central. Me and my HUGE necklace it's a gift from my mother. How strange is come back to my old job place, not for been a Hostess, but for dance, and meet my ex co-workers. Strange and plesant, since they don't recognize me at the first glance, because of my recent red dyed hair.

I became addictd to take pics of everything bought in Japan! Srsly man, the japanese packaging are the best of world! Huge thanks to my senpai, Rika-chan who always make my shopping services.


It's from furoshiki.com I highly recommended if you are these kind of person worried with the world and hate plastic bags, or if you are like me, crazy about old school things like that.


My furoshiki! Inside the package came a little paper with instructions for how to fold your furoshiki in english, if you are not familiarized with it.

And now the fucking sketchbook!


My only complaining about it was the name thing. The Art House staff registered Rika's name on the sketchbook instead of mine. Now I have to send them a letter together with my sketchbook asking for fix it. It's a minor issue, yes. They fix it? Yes, according with their rules of agreement. But I'm a VERY anxious person, and I almost freak out with it!


The library card it's soo cute, and I received it very well packaged and protect. I'm very excited and anxious with this project, and now let's wait for see it at the 2011 tour! =D

Now I'm listening Legend of Blood from AUTO-MOD. If you are into Gothic / Deathrock / Darkwave thing, give this guys a try!

Some partial live with Selia at Tokyo Dark Castle

XOXO for my delicious!



In this year, different from my past years, where everyting goes by slowly or, in the worst case, didn't go at all, now, things happens in a so intense and abrupt way, leave me a little bit concerned about the future.
I'm very afraid of changes. Even the good ones. And it's not because of a coward point of view, it's because my fear of been left shooting in the dark. It's not the fear of fall, but the fear of fall and somehow, can't find anything to reach my bare hands and grab, in an effort of stay back on my feet, again.
Good and bad news for this month. Muneerah and I were "fired" from Al Maual. I was so angry and so pissed off. And after that, some things start to happen. As I said here, I started ballet classes. After one month, my teacher, Mrs. Shaide Halim, invited me to give classes of bellydance in her dance
studio! I'm happy, but a little scared! I hope that this second experience will be better than the previous one.In the end we always trying to please somebody.
And later came other really nice invite: for her burlesque / vintage class at Thursday. I accept without think twice! But the annoying part is how my family receive it. Somethimes I think
they just are so scared and concerned about other's opinion, and how the bellydance community will
receive this. And of course, usually this topic became an arguing between us.

Sketch of night. Done yesterday at sound of Diva Destruction, with photo reference, drawing entirely
on digital media. In my next post, I promisse that I'll write about my Live Schedule, and anything more useful about illustration or dance, but not today.

Today I'm very sad. Sad of can't be there for a friend, when she really need me. For can't be able, strong to protect those ones that I loved and care so much. I don't wanna live in a world where dance became a way of decrease the woman's value as a person, and when a lolita can't walk freely on the
streets without fearing others.

In the end I think there it's no difference between an performer with her risqué clothes and a lolita, dressed in laces and pettitcoats. Both need high heels to distance herself from the cruelty and pain of reality.


OMG OMG OMG I'm so happy now!

Today I have lunch with my senpai Rika and finally she bring me the Seileen CD that I bought from CD Baby last month!
It's my second experience buying stuffs of japanese artists, and for sure, this was less traumatic and more funny that my previous one, buying the Dir en grey's album "The Marrow of a Bone", I recommend you take a look at the CD Baby site if you like some independent japanese artists.

So, here's the pics!

I also decided to participate of a cool project called The Sketchbook Project 2011. Now it's just wait the moleskine arrives, but I'm still pissed off with the ridiculous and expensive shipping cost to South America, with a total of R$80,00 and because of it, I can't affort the digitizing of my work. Too bad!

Take care guys!



woods1.jpg woods2.jpg

Hi guys!

I've been a little busy last month. Finally I started my ballet classes and I'm very happy and proudy of it. Even if I'm like, 10 years later to be something like the first ballerina of any big company, I'm still interessed in how I can improve my technique, see the changes in my body and how this will affect my entire work, since now that I'm more concerned about it, to how the dance affects my illustration and vice versa. Sure that I could be avoinding some bumps in my own way if in my early days I have noticed how I need these two kind of expressions for express myself and maiteining my inner balance and peace of mind to live my days.

I'm trying make some experiments, discover new things about digital painting. Well, this is my first try in painting without any further pencil sketche. The leaves and grass don't please me too much yet, but the sky ended up higher than my expectations. Honestly, I like more the trees with nude branches. Was a really fun exercise! I need do more things like that, without the expectation of open my PS and take my tablet pen and make the masterpice of the century.